Yasuragi Mirumoto

A naive and serene warrior of the Dragon clan.


Rings: 4x next rank
Earth: 2
Stamina: 3
Willpower: 2

Agility: 3
Intelligence: 2

Air: 2
Reflexs: 2
Awareness: 3

Water: 2
Strength: 2
Perception: 2

Void: 2

Honor: 4.5

Skills: 1x rank, 2 for emphasis
Acting: 1
Defense: 2
Iajutsu: 1
Etiquette: 2
Kenjutsu (katana, Wakizashi): 3
Kyujutsu: 3
Lore-Shujenja: 1
Lore-theatre: 1
Medicine: 2
Meditation: 2
Sincerity: 1
Theology: 1

Way of the Dragon: No dual-wield disadvantage, +school rank to armor TN, raise/lower TN of spells targeting self by 5

Advantages: -11
Ally (Sasu Yogo, Scorpion Bushi, Influence 1, Devotion 4): 5
Balance: 2
Seven Fortune’s Blessing (Hotei): 4

Disadvantages: +7
Gullible: 4
True/Lost Love: 3

Light armor
Sturdy clothing
10 ya
Traveling Pack (Blanket, Bottle of water, chopsticks, flint/tinder, mask, personal seal, spare kimono/sandles, tatami mat, week’s rations, pillow book)
3 koku


Yasuragi Mirumoto is a 19 year old Dragon bushi from the Mirumoto family. She’s a quiet, naive girl with an almost palpable aura of serentiy, although she can

get positively bubbly when talking about certain subjects. She is petite with girlish features. She carries a fan with the Scorpion symbol on it and several

books, gifts from Sasu Yogo.

As a teenager, she was sent on a pilgramage of the shrines of the 7 fortunes. She met and travelled with Sasu in this time and also discovered that she was

blessed by the Fortune of Contentment.

The 20 questions (see page 100):
1) Dragon
2) Mirumoto
3) Bushi
4) Petite, girlish, cute but not pretty
5) Spread contentment through the world, starting with her beloved
6) Her beloved, Sasu, the Fire Mountain Players (she travelled with them and Sasu for a while while on her pilgrimage)
7) Strengths: Peace of mind, accepting nature. Weaknesses: Naivette, love of theatre
8) Courage: Courage is vital for a bushi, but it’s important to be able to recognize losing battles.
Compassion: It’s never right to take away the happiness of someone else.
Courtesy: See compassion; there’s no justification for being rude
Duty: It’s important to fulfill one’s duty as a samurai, but never forget their are higher
Honesty: Lies tend to cause more harm than good regardless of their intentions. I wish Sasu would realize this.
sincerity: An important part of achieving true contentment. You must live without facades to be at peace.
Honor: A sincere life, even a dishonorable one, will lead to peace. Honor’s not as important as people make it out to be.
9) Yasuragi holds the Dragon clan in high regard and agrees with most of its policies. She wishes they would do more to spread their wisdom to the world, though.
10) Yes (see DM note). Her husband is a domestic abd deeply spiritual man who aspires to becomming a guru at the monestary.
11) Lion: They only seem happy when they’re killing something. Rather unpleasant
Scorpion: A bit too enamoured of their role as villians, but they understand who they are
Crane: Self-righteous and a bit too proud of their own role in the world
Mantis: They tend to try so hard to prove themselves that they forget who they are. To be guided.
Phoenix: A bit too focused on the spiritual world, but not bad people
Unicorn: Unusual and fascinating.
Crab: Uncultured but true to themselves. Worthy of respect
12) Mirumoto daimyo
13) Favorite things: Theatre (she loves the stories and personalities), dramas (see Theatre), mountains (peaceful and quiet)
Least favorite things: Marketplaces (lots of people buzzing around, none of them happy with what they have), reptiles
14) She plays with her hair when she’s deep in thought
15) She tends to be very calm, but gets really excited and animated when she’s talking about a show or drama. She’s happy when she helps people accept

contentment and when she’s talking about dramas. She’s sad when people refuse to be helped, and she’s angry when people actively hurt others. She gets scared

when people she trusts betray her.
16) She would attempt to educate a subordinate on what they did wrong and then forgive them (provided she got a solemn promise that it wouldn’t happen again).
17) Her parents are proud of her dedication to the Fortune of Contentment but are a little worried that it’s taking precedence over her role as a bushi of the

Mirumoto family. They are deeply embarrassed by her love of theatre and regularly try to dissuade her of it.
18) True peace in the world—everyone content with what they have and fulfilling their destined role.
19) She is quite devout, having been spoken to by the Fortune of Contentment as a child, but is tolerant of those who are less faithful provided they aren’t actively blaspheming.
20) She will die by being stabbed in the back by someone she trusted at face value.

Ties to other characters:

  • Sasu Yogo: True love and ally
  • Dokueki Shosuro: Heard through Sasu’s letters that he was a skilled courtier in love with scheming for its own sake.
  • KÅ«sho Shosuro: Only heard of once (again, Sasu’s letters) as an “overbearing and paranoid witch”
  • Jei: Chatted amicably with him once in a teahouse.

Yasuragi Mirumoto

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