Sasu Yogo

A flamboyant Scorpion warrior with excellent PR.


Scorpion of the Yogo Family, Bushi of the Bayushi School:

Rings: 4x next rank
Earth: 2
Stamina: 2
Willpower: 3

Fire: 3
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3

Air: 2
Reflexs: 2
Awareness: 2

Water: 2
Strength: 2
Perception: 2

Void: 2

Honor: 2.5 (Percieved 6.5)
Status: 1
Glory: 1

Skills: 1x rank, 2 for emphasis
Acting: 2
Courtier (Manipulation): 2
Defense: 2
Etiquette: 2
Iajutsu: 2
Jiujutsu: 1
Kenjutsu: 1
Sincerity: 2
Lore-Shujenja: 1
Lore-Curses: 2
Chain Weapons (kurigasama): 3

Way of the Scorpion: +1k1 to all initiative rolls, +5 to armor TN against enemies with lower initiative

Advantages: -13
Ally (Yasuragi Mirumoto, Dragon Bushi, Influence 1, Devotion 4) : 5
Percieved Honor (4) : 8

Disadvantages: +9
Bad Fortune (Yogo Curse): 4
Driven (lift the Yogo Curse): 2
True Love (Yasuragi Mirumoto): 3

Light armor
Sturdy clothing
Traveling Pack (Blanket, Bottle of water, chopsticks, flint/tinder, mask, personal seal, spare kimono/sandles, tatami mat, week’s rations, whetstone)
5 koku


Sasu Yogo is a 22 year old Bushi, born to a small sub-branch of the Yogo family of the Scorpion clan. She’s a somewhat plain looking woman with dark hair worn in a loose ponytail. She has a slender but fairly masculine build, looking more like a teenage boy than an adult woman. She often wears a kabuki mask (a gift from Yasuragi Mirumoto) and keeps her kurigasama loosely wrapped around her waist like an obi. She has a tendancy to exaggerate her gestures. She is very conscious of her reputation and goes out of her way to visibly demonstrate her honor/skill/reliability and hide information on her deception and unscrupulousness. Like many Scropions, she is rather pragmatic aqnd believes in taking the most direct path to solving a problem, although she has a flair for the dramatic.

Although her family is known for its shujenja, Sasu was chosen to be a bushi after a childhood incident. Always a nimble child, a 4 year old Sasu climbed up a wall and recovered a kurigasama (a gift from the Yoritomo family of the Mantis clan) from its mount. She then proceeded to play with the weapon, accidentally blinding a maid punching several holes in the wall. Seeing that she was somehow unharmed and having a great deal of fun, her mother decided that she was fated to be a warrior.

She met Yasuragi Mirumoto while doing some spiritual training at the Temple of Hotei in Scorpion lands when Yasuragi was 14 (Sasu was 17). They became fast friends and spent much of the time talking and exploring the grounds (Sasu set up one of her fellow students to take the fall for her slacking). After a few months, Yasuragi went home to Dragon lands and Sasu finished up her training. At this point, Sasu became aware (by virtue of eavsedropping on her brother) that she was to be betrothed to a man from the Mantis clan. Not wanting to be so far from the mountains and having an intense dislike of large bodies of water, Sasu announced that she would untertake a Musa Shugyo (a walkabout, essentially), going ronin for a few years to gain experience, contacts, and (privately) cancel the marriage. Over the course of her pilgramage, she met many people in the lands of Rokugan, although she generally stuck to the mountains. She gained a reputation of nobility and honor for slaying bandits and defending villages for no compensation. After a half year travelling on her own, Sasu joined up with the Fire Mountain Players, a kabuki theater group, as their yojimbo in return for food, lodging, and visibility. While travelling with the Players, she once again encountered Yasuragi. While at a show, theatre was attacked by a group of ruffians seeking repayment on a loan from the actors; Yasuragi and Yogo intervened and managed to make it look like part of the show. In gratitude, Yasuragi was given a kabuki mask which she later passed on to Sasu. They continued to meet at kabuki performances throughout the land (Yasuragi was on a pilgramage to the temples of the Fortunes and a bit obsessed with theatre), and after a winter spent together in the same house they began travelling together. Once Yasuragi finished her training and was betrothed to a Dragon man, Sasu returned to her Clan and began scheming a way to get married into Yasuragi’s household.

The 20 questions (See page 100):
1) Scorpion, although she’s looking to join (well, infiltrate) the Dragon
2) Yogo family
3) Bushi from a family of Shujenja
4) She’s a somewhat plain looking woman with dark hair worn in a loose ponytail. She has a slender but fairly masculine build, looking more like a teenage boy than an adult woman. She often wears a kabuki mask (a gift from Yasuragi) and keeps her kurigasama loosely wrapped around her waist like an obi.
5) She seeks to break the Yogo curse and marry into the Dragon clan (currently aiming at Yasuragi’s brother)
6) She trusts Yasuragi and the Fire Mountain Players (the kabuki group she travelled with). Everyone else is either a tool or a threat.
7) Strengths: Creative use of kurigasama, cultivating a reputation, disguise. Weaknesses: Need to be noticed, kabuki mannerisms
8) Courage: Courage is vital for a bushi. Throwing away your life is foolish, but being known as a coward destroys any chance of being recognized as a warrior
Compassion: This is just good sense. The lower castes aren’t worth the effort to mistreat and can be useful tools.
Courtesy: Much like Compassion, this is too useful to disregard. Don’t let people know you dislike them—after all, everyone loves surprises.
Loyalty: Loyalty is paramount. Never betray clan or kin.
Honesty: Ha! Right.
sincerity: Hard, but Yasuragi really seems to value it. Continue working on it
Honor: How other people view my honor is far more important than how I do. Internal honor is irrelevant.
9) Sasu respects the Scorpion clan and is proud of its well-crafted image as the villians of Rokugan. She enjoys playing the game with her fellow clansmen, although she appreciates being able to be honest with Yasuragi. She wishes they had closer ties to the Dragon clan but realizes that’s purely for personal reasons
10) Unmarried and looking to set herself up with a Yanagi Mirumoto, Yasuragi’s brother and a Dragon clansman
11) Lion: Stiff, arrogant, and angry. Great fun to embarrass
Dragon: Quiet and introspective. They have a lot of strange ideas, but they’re mostly harmless
Crane: Self-righteous, pompous, and not nearly as good at the game as they think. Also great fun to embarass.
Mantis: Pirates and ruffians, the lot of them. Way too eager to prove themselves. Sasu is uncomfortable around them due to her betrothal.
Phoenix: Shujenja or people working with them. Dislike.
Unicorn: Weird but mostly harmless. Tend to be bad at society—take advantage of this fact
Crab: Uncultured, angry brutes but otherwise not bad people. Give them some space and let them be.
Other:Sasu is extremely bitter towards Shujenga of all stripes. She blames them for not even trying to fix curses (at least the Yogo clan researches them—everyone else kind of pretends they don’t exist).
12) Currently serves the Yogo family daimyo as a yojimbo for Dokueki Shosuro, a young courtier—Sasu’s reputation and basic training in the nature of the courts makes her a decent accompanyment for him, although her duel training leaves something to be desired
13) Favorite things: kurigasama (she’s been using it since she was 4 and it’s essentially part of her body), kabuki mask (gift from Yasuragi and a reminder of good times with the Fire Mountain Players), mountains (she’s most at ease in higher elevations), gifts from Yasuragi
Least Favorite things: The sea (she was on a sinking ship on a childhood trip to Mantis lands and she never really got over it), small spaces (easy to ambush, too small to use a chain weapon effectively), forests (small spaces filled with bandits and critters), critters (they can’t be bargained with or impressed. Also, they don’t like Sasu).
14) Sasu has a tendancy to exaggerate her gestures like a kabuki actor. She also fiddles with the chain at her waist when she’s nervous
15) She tends to get defensive whenever someone threatens her reputation. She tries to be something of a closed book most of the time, but she’ll jump to her own defense if called dishonorable. She tends to drop her guard and laugh/joke in places that remind her of a theatre or around Yasuragi.

She gets mad when people people disrespect her, the Scropions (by calling them bad at their jobs), or makes fun of the Dragon clan. Gets scared when she feels like she’s trapped, especially in small spaces. Gets sad when she thinks about fate and destiny. Happy when she’s the center of (positive) attention, hanging out with people she trusts, and watching people she’s manipulated embarass themselves.
16) Sasu tends to be privately soft on her subordinates, but she puts on a good show of punishing them publicly. Basically, her policy is that the true crime was getting caught, and how poorly concealed the subordinate’s actions were determines the severity of the actual punishment. Sasu believes that a tool shouldn’t be discarded unless it’s beyond repair.
17) Sasu’s parents are keenly aware that she’s up to something (although they dont’ know what it is yet) and are rather embarrased at how flamboyant she can be. They are upset at how distracted Sasu has been since she returned from her walkabout and feel like she’s wasting her talents.
18) Sasu’s primary goal is to cure the Sasu curse and live happily with Yasuragi. She will exhaust any avenue and commit any sin to accomplish these goals, save knowingly betraying her love.
19) Sasu is keenly aware of the role the kami play in our lives and resents them for it, but she tries not to let others (especially the kami) know how she feels.
20) Sasu will fall to Yasuragi’s swords after delving too deeply into the darkness of the Shadowlands.

Ties to other characters:

  • Yasuragi Mirumoto: True love and ally
  • Dokueki Shosuro: Assigned charge, respects his skill but finds his supervillian tendancies to be a little over the top. Respectful but neutral towards eachother
  • KÅ«sho Shosuro: Mutual dislike
  • Jei: Fought him once while on her walkabout, each mistaking the other for a bandit. She found him to be largely insufferable.

Sasu Yogo

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