Dokueki Shosuro

A scheming Scorpion hated by the kami


Shosuro family, Bayushi Courtier

Rings: 4x next rank
Earth: 2
Stamina: 2
Willpower: 2

Fire: 2
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 2

Air: 2
Reflexs: 2
Awareness: 4

Water: 2
Strength: 2
Perception: 3

Void: 2

Honor: 2.5

Skills: 1x rank, 2 for emphasis
Caligraphy: 1
Courtier (Gossip, Manipulation): 3
Etiquette (Courtesy): 2
Investigation (notice): 2
Lore (Bushido): 1
Sincerity (Deceit): 2
Intimidation: 2
Temptation (Bribery): 2

Weakness is my strength: Free raise for each 3 points of mental/social disadvantage they have (contested social rolls). Free raise using gossip, no need to raise to avoid being known as the source.

Advantages: -14
Read Lips: 3
Percieved Honor (4): 8
Precise Memory: 3

Disadvantages: +10
Wrath of the Kami (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water): 10

Extravagent clothing
Caligraphy Set
Travelling Kit (TBD)
5 koku


Dokueki Shosuro, 23 year old courtier of the Scorpion clan, is the rare child of the Shosuro family that seeks out the public eye. He is an average sized, plain-faced man with the symbol for “Void” as a birthmark on the side of his neck (although it was much less defined when he was younger). Has a pointed goatee. He isn’t very fit but has a gift for fading into the background.

For a child born into a family of assasins, Shosuro was remarkably lazy and clumsy. Rather than perform his training tasks, he would often convince others to do them for him or take the fall for his negligence. After nearly getting a rival exiled for a crime that never even happened, his teachers declared him a failure as a warrior but a natural at the ways of the court. He was promptly shipped off to the Bayushi courtiers school and hasn’t been back since.

The 20 questions (See page 100):
1) Scorpion
2) Shosuro
3) Courtier
4) Plain, somewhat unrefined
5) Usurp control of the world from the kami, or at the very least reduce their power
6) His wife, an ishiken-do shujenja named Kūsho Shosuro (formerly of the Fukaze family). She largely stays out of politics but helps her husband with his spirtual woes.
7) Strengths: Subtle information gathering, memory. Weaknesses: Love of scheming for its own sake
8) Courage: Courage is something every good bodyguard should have. Be sure to look for it in others; it makes them more valuable as shields and easier to manipulate
Compassion: It’s not that important, but what’s the fun in messing with someone beneath you?
Courtesy: It’s amazing how many people mistake courtesy for allegiance. A vital part of any scheme.
Loyalty: Loyalty is paramount. Never betray clan or kin.
Honesty: A crippling weakness for me to exploit
Sincerity: The magical power of exact words cannot be overstated, and it’s perhaps the most entertaining way to manipulate others
9) Scorpion: We serve a vital role and have fun doing it
10) He is happily married, although his wife is more a friend and partner than a lover.
11) Lion: Suspicious and angry. Can use their own assumptions about my treachery against them.
Dragon: Quiet and introspective. Generally know more than they let on
Crane: Self-righteous, arrogant, and deeply satisfying to defeat
Mantis: Way too eager to prove themselves and easy to lead on, although they almost always go further than expected.
Phoenix: Reliable peacemakers and useful to have around in case a plan goes sour. Not worth the risk of tricking—the kami tend to tell them all of my secrets and even make up a few on thier own, just to make me look bad.
Unicorn: They don’t quite grasp the subtleties of courtly manner and are thus useful diversions. Treat them with a gentle hand so that they don’t try and rally the others against us.
Crab: Uncultured, angry brutes. Give them a wide berth—bodyguards are hard to come by.
Other:Shosuro gets nervous around shujenja unless he’s with his wife.
12) Provincal governer of the southern Scorpion lands
13) Favorite: Fans (he likes collecting them), stone gardens (pretty and kami-free),
Least favorite: Temples (he can feel the kami glaring at him), festivals (too noisy, too spiritual)
14) Strokes his beard when he’s feeling smug, fiddles with a charm given to him by his wife when he’s nervous, touches his Void mark when stressed.
15) He gets scared when people talk about or invoke the kami. He gets happy when he’s manipulating people or watching his schemes come together. He gets angry when people question his loyalty or the role of the Scorpion. He gets sad when his plans fall apart of someone sees through his crap.
16) He tends to flinch and be visibly afraid whenever someone casts a spell around him. He can easily become overconfident when his schemes seem to be going really well.
17) His parents are disappointed he didn’t become an assassin but are pleased that he’s still serving the Scoripion in some way.
18) Gain power in the spiritual world and weaken the kami
19) Extremely irreligious, mostly because the kami hate him and enjoy watching him suffer. Drawing their attention by praying is folly.
20) He will die in spectacular fashion once he attracts attention of a kami willing and able to intervene directly in the world.

Views of other Characters:

  • Sasu Yogo: Yojimbo assigned to his protection. While he appreciates having a guard who understands the importance of reputation, her over-the-top antics tend to make him cringe.
  • Yasuragi Mirumoto: Knows about through researching Sasu; views her as essentially harmless except as leverage against Sasu going rogue.
  • Kūsho Shosuro: Wife, confidant, friend. Trusts her as he trusts no one else and does his best to support her.

Dokueki Shosuro

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